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Salem Al-Ali Award Continues Registering Volunteers to Manage the 9th Round

H.H. Sheik Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Award management announced continuing to receive applications for individuals willing to volunteer from Various Arab countries in the awards' administrative tasks in this 9th round, 2010.

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06/03/2010 - Amman - Kuwait

H.H. Sheik Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Award management announced continuing to receive applications for individuals willing to volunteer from Various Arab countries in the awards’ administrative tasks in this 9th round, 2010. 


The award manager, Dr. Khalil Abul, said that all individuals willing to join the regulatory, administrative committees of Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award 2010 can fill out the electronic application specified for volunteer work available on the official award website


With one hundred thousand Kuwaiti dinars, roughly three hundred and seventy thousand dollars, divided on the participating websites, H.H. Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award is considered the most significant informatics award in the Arab World.


Abul added: “this annual award aims at developing the Arab community skills, unveil their individual capabilities, and develop their potentials to perfect our ‘involvement of the other’ philosophy. We believe in the importance of volunteer work and its role in building a modern Arab nation.”


Abul illustrated further that volunteers can chose from three to five activities or committees to work with, depending on their area of expertise and work experience. This year, there are 19 projects or committees including informatics awards projects evaluation and qualifying committees, media follow up committees, public relation management committees, and others.


He pointed that the awards management developed a special system that organizes and manages all the volunteer work associated with the award, which will create easier identifying and communicating between all volunteers from different countries in the Arab World. The mechanism will push forth volunteer work to reach a more productive stage.


He explained that the system is comprised of three basic pillars. Firstly, “Volunteers Index” which is formed of a huge, detailed database of all volunteers with their names, qualifications, professional work experience, beside their volunteer-work areas and parties they’ve participated in before to render identifying and communicating with them easy, in relatively short notices.


The second pillar is “Volunteer Work Schedule” that aims at enumerating all the participating projects and volunteer activities available, and provides a clear, comprehensive, and detailed description of each event and their requirements. For example, initiation and conclusion date, tasks appointed to volunteers, qualifications requirement for volunteers, and working hours.


The third and last pillar is “Volunteer Work Documentation” to motivate the spirit of teamwork and excellence amongst volunteers by assessing their performance and the effort they’ve put forth, based on volunteer work effort standards. This pillar allows the award to honor participants by reviewing their volunteer status and the rank they’ve achieved after the evaluation.



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