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Several ME Ad Agencies in NY Ad Awards

July 8, 2009 12:00 by

Several ME Ad Agencies in NY Ad Awards                                                           

The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards, now in its 52nd year, announced its 2009 Advertising Award winners. The United Arab Emirates was awarded one Gold World Medal, two Silver Medals, two Bronze and seventeen Finalist Certificates. Saudi Arabia received two Bronze World Medals.  In addition, Egypt received a Finalist Certificate.   This year’s GRAND JURY honoured the “World’s Best Advertising™” from 71 countries around the world in the following competitions: Art & Technique, Avant-Garde, Collateral, Design, Digital + Interactive, Mixed Media, Outdoor, Print, TV/Cinema, Radio and Student.


TBWA RAAD, Dubai was honoured with a Gold Medal in the Collateral competition for the agency’s 2009 Holiday Card. The ingenious entry used recycled traditional greeting cards with a variety of sentiments transformed with sharpies into New Year’s Cards.  The old message was crossed out and a new message for the New Year wishing better economic times was included.  The award winning self promotion work was created in observance of agency budget restrictions launched as a result of the global economic downturn.   The agency also received a Bronze Medal in the Radio competition for Arabian Automobiles “Deadly Distractions” campaign, winning in the Civic/Social Education category for radio spots that draw attention to driver distractions that commonly cause accidents.


A Silver Medal was awarded to Lowe MENA in the TV/Cinema competition for “Chewing Gum” for client Staying Alive 2008. The spot uses a piece of gum as a metaphor for the transmission of the aids virus and illustrates the dangers of unprotected sex by showing how casually a piece of chewing gum is transferred one person to the next. Team Young & Rubicam Dubai also received a Silver Medal in the Outdoor competition for their winning print campaign “Splatter” for Landrover. 


Team Young & Rubicam, Dubai garnered two Bronze Medals in the Print competition for Harvey Nichols along, with a second Bronze Medal for “Flags” for  Xerox. TBWA RAAD, Saudi Arabia was awarded a pair of Bronze Medals for “Miniature Magazine” in the Collateral competition for client Masa Pest Control. 


Finalist Certificates were awarded to:  TBWA RAAD received six Finalist Certificates;   Nissan Xterra received two, along with honors for Dial Hand Sanitizer, Pattex Wood Glue, Persil and TBWA RAAD, Abu Dhabi was awarded a Finalist Certificate, winning for their client City of Hope.  Leo Burnett, Dubai garnered four Finalist Certificates for clients Zohra Mouhetta, Fujifilm, GMC and United Nations World Food Programme.  Team Young & Rubicam took home certificates for clients Harvey Nichols, and two certificates for Eye Bank Association of India.  Dubai’s PerceptGulf received a Finalist Certificate for client Firstnet TV. Impact Plus was awarded a certificate for client Dubai Healthcare City.   In addition, Impact BBDO, Abu Dhabi was honored for client Crown Plaza Abu Dhabi and Egypt’s Resala Communications for Orascom Hotels Development.


In spite of the worldwide decline in print and TV entries, New York Festivals digital entries increased an incredible 61%.  The marked rise in entries was seen in the Digital + Interactive competition and the recently launched Avant-Garde competition.


The 2009 Grand Jury comprised of 255 Senior Creative Directors from 56 countries, representing the largest and most diverse jury of any advertising competition in the world.


All winning entries of the NYF International Advertising Awards are featured in the Showcase section on  Additional award winning work, along with interviews with award winning creatives, can be seen on  www.newyorkfestivals.TV.






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    Admates in DXB, can do a summer chillout!!. Good show, and proud to be part of the community.


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