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SHASTECH, Samsung open their first joint showroom in KSA

September 23, 2012 Riyadh - Samsung Electronics, the leading global company in multimedia and technology, has recently launched its first joint outlet in cooperation with SHASTECH, its authorized reseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to offer Samsung’s products in KSA.


September 23, 2012 11:49 by

Samsung Electronics, the leading global company in multimedia and technology, has recently launched its first joint outlet in cooperation with SHASTECH, its authorized reseller in theKingdomofSaudi Arabia, to offer Samsung’s products in KSA.

The new “Samsung Premium Shop” showroom which represents the first of a series of joint branches to be opened across the Kingdom was inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony attended by SHASTECH’s General Manager, Eng. Mohammad Ali Mohammad, along with a large number of Samsung high-level executives and senior employees.

According to SHASTECH, the leading Saudi distributor and retailer of technology products, this initiative renews the already successful partnership with Samsung and is a significant step towards starting several direct sales points across the nation.

“Samsung Premium Shop,” located onPrince Sultan Streetin Jeddah, will display a variety of Samsung products including smartphones, laptops, and tablets besides to its latest accessories and technologies.

In the opening ceremony, Eng. Mohammad expressed his pleasure for the opening of the new outlet which embodies the objectives of the partnership between SHASTECH and Samsung, saying: “We are pleased to bolster our partnership with Samsung through opening the new joint showroom which is the first of its kind in the country. We hope this outlet will be the starting point for launching further joint showrooms inRiyadh, Al-Khubar, and other major cities.”

Noting that an elite team of SHASTECH’s employees will run the new outlet together with its sales and service departments, Eng. Mohammad added: “The joint and successive accomplishments are a translation of the strong bolds of trust on which our partnership with Samsung is based. It is without doubt that this move is a driving force for us to take our partnership with Samsung to the next level and intensify the hard work to supply its premium products to customers and reinforce its presence in the Saudi market.”

Remarkably, SHASTECH has recently opened a showroom in Jeddah specialized in Samsung’s products to provide the opportunity for its visitors to experience and test Samsung’s most recent techniques and make them aware of how to deal with new technology through the products it offers.

- Ends -

SHASTECH is a leading distributor and retailer of Griffin Technology products in theMiddle East. Headquartered in the city ofRiyadh with an ever-increasing footprint across the Kingdom, SHASTECH provides targeted professional services and solutions to the business as well as consumer markets in the region.

Having established in 2006, SHASTECH has grown to become an integral and critical supply chain partner for some of the biggest names in the Saudi electronics retail industry. The phenomenal rise also stems from the fact that SHASTECH provides proactive support to its partners in the field.


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