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Stop Receiving Cold Calls; Join a Call Center’s LinkedIn Group Instead

With many companies now using networking sites as an opportunity for business, online data can be shared with ease. But just who is reading our profiles?

September 8, 2009 12:00 by

Recent studies have shown that the use of social networking sites are now being seen as  an opportunity for Middle Eastern businesses, online data can be shared with ease and contacts made.  More than one in five users (21.7%) now use twitter for work purposes according to recent research carried out by the conference board and TNS.  Parallel to this are figures which show that call centre’s and data sharers are using social networking to gather information.  With many businesses now using networking sites to forge new business contacts, who is protecting our data?

We are now entering an era where we must opt out from call center bombardment, do we really want to be hit from the web too.  With LinkedIn seeing massive growth over the last year and being celebrated for its B2C marketing capabilities it has not gone unnoticed that those companies seeing the biggest profitability from the new networking craze are data sharers and research bodies we can even “Join the Call Centre’s LinkedIn Group. The Who's Who of  call centre’s “!

While at work many executives spend their day fielding calls from sales representatives now only to be bombarded with email campaigns from companies who have gathered data from our social networking profiles.  But still we cannot ignore the future of web based business and networking. 


With the introduction of Web 2.0 it is impossible to disregard the endless opportunities it holds for business.  It increases the speed and ease of connecting with employees, customers, and partners while potentially cutting costs.  While platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter can be used to connect with business piers it does not, as it suggests, offer a viable platform for conducting ‘business networking’. 


New and emerging business networking sites such as Ryze, Ecademy and MeettheBoss all offer a high quality visual experience while also providing security for its users. Having spoken to a senior executive member of he explains;


“Each member is vetted and their company position checked before being allowed onto the website.  This ensures that you have control of who receives your data.  There is no need to opt out because you were never opted in! It allows you to contact business professionals from across leading industry sectors, organize meetings, and discuss industry news and events without being contacted by Joe blogs with the latest in recruitment solutions.”


Surely within an era where looking after our personal details is of utmost importance we should be aware of just who we added while accepting those ever so tempting contact requests!?

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