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The “Made In Jordan” Competition of 2009 Official Winner Announcement and Award Distribution

The Minister of Industry and Trade Eng. Amer Al-Hadidi sponsored the ceremony for the announcement and distribution of awards for the “Made in Jordan” competition organized by the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE)


August 1, 2009 12:00 by



Amman- Jordan (July 29th, 2009) The Minister of Industry and Trade Eng. Amer Al-Hadidi sponsored the ceremony for the announcement and distribution of awards for the “Made in Jordan” competition organized by the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) within the technology investment program. The program aims to support the growth of the knowledge-based economy through the provision of services in developing entrepreneurship and technology investment.


Al-Hadidi delivered a speech in which he affirmed the importance of honoring the competition’s winners and enhancing national industries, stating: “Made in Jordan is one of the national competitions that aim to enhance national industries and promote innovation in Jordan through directing scientific researches in Jordanian universities -and especially those relating to thesis projects and higher degree theses- towards the production of industrial or program-like models to solve realistic problems in the fields of engineering and technology in the region and benefiting from the results of these in the area of business and developing modern products with a high market value”.


In the same context, Eng. Mohammad Al-Khawaja –The Executive Director of QRCE- pointed out the significance and value of the Arab production, saying “the competition enhances increased interest in opportunities for establishing new Jordanian technological companies and building trust in Jordanian technology experts and their abilities to find solutions for local and Arab technological challenges, in addition to the formation of pioneering projects to connect universities and industry in Jordan.”.


Contest participants competed on three levels, and three competing teams were selected in for the top three positions in each level as follows:


Ismail Al-Nabhan and Mahmoud Fares won the first place at the level of Professional and research centers in the project of “Manufacting and integrated control circuit in electronic gain”. This circuit alters gain automatically in accordance with the strength of the signal at its entrance. The circuit- which is reliant upon the principle of current and not voltage difference- is characterized by its minimal area and therefore economic price, minimal consumption of electric energy, in addition to high speed and resistance to temperature change.

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About Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE): The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) is a not-for-profit & non-governmental organization. Established in October 2004 and located at the El Hassan Science City, Jubaiha. Its mission is to support economic growth by providing an array of services in entrepreneurship development and technology commercialization through the several programs conducted by QRCE such as: Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC), Technology Commercialization Program (TCP), CONNECT JORDAN, and the student Entrepreneurship society (DART). The QRCE is sponsored by Jordan Dubai Capital, Jordan Commercial Bank, Optimiza, Orange, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan Business Magazine, and Google.


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