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The customer service challenge: are your clients treated the way they deserve?

sales and customer service training dubai

A training firm in Dubai that specializes in innovative soft skills training programs, has created a groundbreaking customer service training programs addressed to companies and organizations in the UAE and internationally.

July 30, 2013 9:09 by

Customer service is the key to any business, its business card, its blueprint, its identity.

You can tell if a company is going to last and leave a mark in the marketplace by the way it deals with its clients.

What is customer service, then?

Customer service is a mix of skills and rules that should apply to every employee of a company to ensure that the company mission and its brand promise are always delivered across all divisions and within all internal and external communication.

However, rules are not enough to ensure world-class customer service; in fact, superior service comes from personal initiative, from the ability to turn a challenging situation into a positive one, gaining your client’s trust.

Many employers, especially in large organizations, would argue that their employees’ diverse backgrounds, skills, and personalities rule out personal initiative. These employers believe people need rigid rules that they follow without question.

Such lack of trust creates flat environments to which clients will never feel personally linked or attached.

What is the solution?

The solution is training employees on the meaning of customer service, on the basics of human communication, on how to handle difficult situation and take responsibility for their clients’ perception.

S.S.E. is a training firm based in Dubai that specializes in providing companies with tailored customer service training programs that are both practical and highly effective.

Carlo Pignataro, CEO and founder of S.S.E., says, “Training people to deliver superior customer service is a complicated yet exciting work. We must equip our trainees with solid tools to be able to interpret their clients’ desires, needs, ambitions, and, ultimately, perceptions, and work accordingly.”

Pignataro adds, “Having worked for over fifteen years in the international luxury goods sector, I’ve learned how important it is to take responsibility for how our clients perceive us and our products and services. A customer service professional should be able to always sympathize with, or at least empathize with, a client and understand what small detail would make a difference in the relationship.”

S.S.E.’s customer service excellence training course is designed to give participants a 360-degree understanding of what service means and of the impact it makes on business.

By the end of the training, participants will learn to:

  • • Provide world-class service to all clients
  • • Understand clients’ needs and expectations
  • • Deal with difficult clients in difficult situations
  • • Exceed clients’ expectations
  • • Deal with complaints, delays, and inefficiency
  • • Create a fantastic first, second, and third impression!


Topics include:


  • • Identification of internal and external clients
  • • Internal customer service
  • • The customer relationship hierarchy
  • • How to influence customer perception
  • • What can be defined as “quality service”
  • • Levels of customer service
  • • Complaints
  • • Communicating for success—understanding and being understood
  • • Going the extra mile—the unforgettable ‘Wow!’ factor
  • • Golden rules of customer service
  • • Asking the right questions
  • • How to give a client unwanted news or say “no” positively without affecting the client relationship
  • • The importance of feedback
  • • Feedback management
  • • How customer service creates revenue and healthy organizations
  • • Customer service strategies
  • • How to avoid taking things personally
  • • The mirroring technique to get along with more clients in a shorter time
  • • Strategies and actions to engage and retain clients
  • • Dealing with different personality styles (metaprograms)
  • • Systems to turn angry clients into happy clients
  • • The body language and tone of voice of world-class customer service
  • • Magic customer service language patterns
  • • Customer service case histories
  • • Customer service exercises and role-plays

S.S.E. designs and runs corporate training courses in Dubai, the GCC, and internationally.

For information and booking visit or call + 971 4 455 8708

SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT, Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai,  PO Box 334155,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates; T: + 971 4 455 8708, F: + 971 4 455 8556.

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