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The Red Hat Tour 2013: Transform Your IT

Werner Knoblich, VP and General Manager EMEA, Red Hat

13-city tour to feature Red Hat IT solutions experts and partners on strategies and technologies for transforming business

March 13, 2013 3:24 by

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 13th March, 2013 – Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that it will host a 13-city tour of one-day events throughout Europe and the Middle East, kicking off on April 3 with presentations in Moscow, Russia. The Middle East event will be held in Abu Dhabi on April 22nd. The event series will cover strategies and best practices from Red Hat experts and partners on approaches for transforming enterprise IT architecture using open source technology and migrating from physical to virtual and cloud solutions.

The Red Hat Tour will focus on strategies for success when migrating to an open IT architecture. Senior Red Hat executives will present keynote sessions outlining how to drive strategic impact for businesses. In today’s economy and for the next decade, the companies best poised to succeed will be those which better understand their customers, connect with their customers in ways they like to communicate including social and mobile channels and can provide new, innovative products and services quickly. By leveraging open source innovation, IT is driving this strategic impact for business.

Speakers from across Red Hat will provide local insight and specialist expertise in building a secure and cost-effective foundation for open source computing. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions, gain insight into real-world perspectives from existing Red Hat customers, learn how to build an open cloud and prepare application and systems infrastructure to address future business needs while leveraging existing IT investments. Attendees will also have the chance to meet with event sponsors, including platinum sponsor HP and gold sponsors Symantec and Bull.

“What was once cutting edge, proprietary enterprise computing has quickly become expensive legacy infrastructure. Migrating mission critical applications onto more scalable, flexible, cost effective open source systems, can make great business sense,” said Werner Knoblich, VP and General Manager EMEA, Red Hat. “Businesses spend years and millions of dollars developing IT infrastructure and more often than not have the common goal of leveraging existing investments in order to avoid rip and replace. Red Hat solutions can help you evolve your open hybrid cloud strategy – leveraging your existing enterprise architecture and providing deployment flexibility – physical, virtual, and cloud.”

Attendees will learn how to use Red Hat’s readily deployable Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, OpenShift, for an easy onramp of new development projects and how Red Hat runs this platform in production for thousands of applications.

Enterprises are increasingly challenged to facilitate innovation and speed time to market for new services and applications. PaaS is a cloud service model that’s revolutionizing application development by giving developers tremendous agility and flexibility. It can help organizations cut costs and use infrastructure resources more efficiently. By improving business innovation and operational efficiency, enterprises can drive business transformation.
Other sessions include:

Migrating mission critical applications to a standards based infrastructure
Migrating to a different platform or application requires careful consideration. But smart organizations know that change brings opportunities. A well-executed migration will keep day-to-day operations running smoothly while managing risk, keeping costs in line and planning for the future.
Rethink highly available datacenters
When moving mission-critical environments to a standards based infrastructure, businesses need to ensure the same reliability and availability they have come to expect from a proprietary environment. Red Hat can show how to provide high availability, disaster recovery for datacenter and database for a fraction of the cost of proprietary offers.
Moving to an open business platform to drive innovation
Learn how a big insurance company created a business platform to support e-commerce transactions with open source solutions. Flexibility and speed are key factors when developing, deploying and managing applications and business processes. Organizations can do more for less by migrating from proprietary platforms to open source solutions.
Dynamic Datacenter – buzzword or reality?
How to gain agility across entire infrastructure, to reduce complexity and leverage IT assets more efficiently. Red Hat can show how open standards, open APIs and open source software are changing enterprise computing and enterprises can develop their cloud strategy from virtualization, flexible private clouds to on-demand public cloud usage.
Dates, countries and cities for the tour are as follows:

3 April 2013 Moscow, Russia Register
4 April 2013 Warsaw, Poland Register
9 April 2013 Paris, France Register
10 April 2013 Stockholm, Sweden Register
11 April 2013 Copenhagen, Denmark Register
16 April 2013 Madrid, Spain Register
17 April 2013 Bonn, Germany Register
18 April 2013 Zurich, Switzerland Register
22 April 2013 Abu Dhabi, UAE Register
23 April 2013 Milan, Italy Register
24 April 2013 London, UK Register
25 April 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands Register
29 April 2013 Istanbul, Turkey Register

To find out more about the complimentary seminar series and to register to attend, please visit:

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