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Tila Solutions Warns Homeowners not to be lured by false promises

Tila Solutions today warned homeowners across the nation who are being sued by their lenders to seek professional intervention.

October 8, 2011 4:29 by

September 30, 2011 – Tila Solutions today warned homeowners across the nation who are being sued by their lenders to seek professional intervention.  Lenders are making statements that cause borrowers to ignore the lender’s legal proceedings against them.  Homeowners do nothing to stop foreclosure. Instead, homeowners just call their lenders on the phone, asking for updates on loan modifications that never come. While the lender reports that the loan mod is “under review”, the foreclosure is being completed. The homeowner is lured by the false promises into losing his home to foreclosure.

According to recent reports, seriously delinquent mortgages rose 4.9% in the quarter through June 30, following five quarters of improvement. This is a surge in delinquencies of nearly 17% from the previous quarter. A year earlier, seriously delinquent loans were down from 6.1% for the same period. While delinquent mortgage payments rise, lenders are still refusing to grant homeowners in need mortgage modifications that could help them remain current with their payments.

Banks are telling homeowners that their only options once they have been denied a loan modification are to keep negotiating with their lenders and reapply for a mortgage modification, sell their home, or lose their home to foreclosure.

If your lender is working on a mortgage modification and suing you for foreclosure, you should contact Tila Solutions for a free consultation and learn what your options truly are. If you are nearing or are already in foreclosure, contact Tila Solutions right away to see if they can help keep you in your home.

No matter what your lender says on the phone, once they start the foreclosure proceeding, you need to protect yourself.

Tila Solutions is one of the most well-known and well-respected audit companies assisting homeowners with predatory loans, predatory lenders, and wrongful foreclosures today.  Tila Solutions conducts complete investigative services for homeowners, attorneys, and other professionals who are working to resolve fraudulent loans, fraudulent lending practices, wrongful foreclosures, etc.  Tila Solutions has assisted homeowners in achieving loan modifications and other work out programs with out-of-court negotiations services using the results of their audits.  Tila Solutions also provides these audits to homeowners filing pro se lawsuits against their lenders.  For more information on Tila Solutions or to obtain a free consultation, please visit or call them at 702 508 0335.

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