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Toshiba Millionaire yields positive results

The Toshiba Millionaire promo helped sustained growth of over 20+ percent in Toshiba laptop sales

April 2, 2009 12:00 by

The Toshiba Millionaire promotion builds positive growth in the laptop product segment of Toshiba Gulf. Anil Warang, Country Manager at Toshiba Computer Systems Division said that the Toshiba Millionaire promo ensured that Toshiba laptops continued to grow at the rate of 20+ percent quarter on quarter (QOQ) in the respective channel partners’ outlets.

“Even though there has been a global downturn in the business, the Toshiba Millionaire promo ensured the increased footfall in our channel partners’ outlets towards the Toshiba laptops area. This resulted in channel partners having above average working capital inventory turn, thereby maximising their profits from their investment in the Toshiba laptops,” furthers Warang.

Toshiba Gulf awarded today the winner of the Toshiba Winter Millionaire promo. Romel Bustalino, an Operations Officer in a security group, receives the grand prize of  AED 1,000,000 worth of gold.

Bustalino is the winner of the Millionaire promo, which ran in conjunction with the Dubai Shopping Festival. The draw was held in the presence of Dubai Economic Department Senior Coordinator Moza Mattar, along with Toshiba officials.

The Winter Millionaire is the third in a series of Toshiba Millionaire promotion that began July last year. The promo allowed purchasers of any Toshiba laptop pre-installed with Genuine Windows Vista to enter the draw. Santosh Varghese, Regional General Manager at Toshiba Computer Systems Division, says the Millionaire promo provided unparalleled value to Toshiba’s customers. “Toshiba continuously endeavours to provide the highest standards in the laptop industry through these types of promotions; and the market can expect Toshiba will continue to lead innovation and provide quality and unequalled performance for its business in the region,” added Varghese.

A very meaningful year

As the year posed with an economic crisis, regular shoppers like Romel Bustalino and wife Nora found DSF a good opportunity to buy their first laptop. “We know we have to tighten our budget, but we took the chance to purchase our Toshiba Satellite series laptop last DSF. Little did we know this act will forever change our lives,” shares Bustalino.

Bustalino said that the need to communicate with his children drove him to purchase his first laptop. “Since my kids were growing up away from me and my wife, we needed to keep in touch with them frequently. We wanted to make sure that we not only talk to them but also see them.” The Toshiba Satellite series has an integrated web camera and microphone that allows Bustalino to manage video conferencing easily.

The 38-year old Filipino expat winner, along with his wife, has been working in the country for the past 14 years. “We have been working hard for the past decade. We never thought of winning any grand prize. The prize we’re receiving is truly a blessing, especially in this period of economic crisis where it’s hard to earn much,” the couple adds.

The couple plans to save their winnings for their children’s future and buy their dream house. “We’re thankful to Toshiba, they changed our lives. I always believed in the brand’s quality especially its durability, and my first laptop never failed me,” furthers Bustalino.

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  1. Joseph Ison on November 13, 2009 2:45 pm

    Congratulation to Mr. Bustalino.

    Go go go Rachielle Araga. I miss you my friend.


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