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UAE Positions Itself as Global Marketing Hub

Marketing Management: Arab World Edition, Pearson, 2012

Emirate News Agency (WAM) just published a story (in Arabic) based on the UAE Embassy's Press Release (a copy of the new book was accepted for the UAE Ambassador's library in Washington, DC.

This hot off-the-press book is published by PEARSON (see attached announcement). This new book was “haled as the first of its kind” that offers an innovative approach to international marketing theory and state-of-the-art regional best-practices and cases on the region. Further, the book includes several cases and best practices from leading multinationals and local firms from the UAE and the general Gulf region.

March 12, 2013 8:20 by

Dubai, UAE, 11 March, 2013: Dubai and the greater Gulf region are gaining an international reputation as global marketing hub and business gateway, says renowned global marketing expert from the United States’ prestigious George Washington University School of Business, Salah S. Hassan, Ph.D.

Dr Hassan and 15 of his MBA professional students visited the Emirates last month to study Dubai’s unique position as a marketing hub for the region, and to better understand the political, economic, social and technological forces that impact the economic success of the Gulf region.

Dr Hassan said: “For a number of years now, the UAE and its neighbours have been an important place for leading international firms to do business, given the political stability and strong economic growth enjoyed by the region. This makes the UAE important for both local and multinational corporations to understand how to make the most of these favourable conditions, so they can boost their bottom line and improve their strategic market position in an increasingly global marketplace”.

Dr Hassan said that George Washington University chose the Emirates as the destination for its MBA program’s international residency experience because of the country’s growing reputation as a diversified economic centre, and the need for leading international marketers to better understand its emerging position as a global marketing powerhouse.

The delegation visited several leading local and international firms based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah including one of the globe’s leading advertising agencies, Leo Burnett, to identify what constitutes a successful marketing strategy in the Gulf, and to gain an in-depth understanding of marketing behavior in the Arab World.

Students worked with firms to design and analyse local marketing programs, review successful regional marketing research and appreciate the unique cultural sensitivities that need to be considered when conducting a marketing campaign in this region. Four teams of MBAs worked with leading companies to develop strategic marketing plans that address local and regional issues.

Mr. Kamal Dimachkie, Executive Regional Managing Director, Leo Burnett said he was impressed that the MBAs from the George Washington University were taking the development of marketing strategies in the Gulf so seriously, saying:

“It is important that our next generation of marketing experts understand the unique cultural, religious and political nuances of the Arab region if they want to be able to effectively market goods and services in this increasingly important market”. The book co-authored by Dr. Salah S. Hassan “offers a unique perspective on how to build strong and successful brands to compete locally as well globally”.

The group also visited the regional headquarters of the education, publishing and media group, Pearson, where they received copies of Pearson’s Arab World Edition textbook, Marketing Management.

Pearson’s Executive Marketing Director for the region, Ms. Sue Mainey said the visit reinforced the importance of creating educational resources that focussed on the learning needs of Arab students, saying:

“Here at Pearson, we are committed to providing our customers with learning resources that reflect the needs of those using them. We want to provide learners in the region – across all levels and disciplines – with materials they find engaging and inspiring. Our Arab World Edition of Marketing Management gives students from this region the very best in international business and marketing research, but presents it in a way that resonates with Arab students, and ultimately leads to them achieving at higher levels”.

Dr Hassan, who is a co-author of this book, says that the marketing potential of the region has long been neglected by marketers:

“Finally, we are waking up to the huge business opportunities of this region, and understanding how we can harness them through culturally relevant and competitive marketing tools. This international residency program, which is now in its sixth year, along with Pearson’s recent publication of a book especially tailored to the needs of the local market, are a step in the right direction. I believe all companies operating in this region, no matter how big or small can do more to tailor their marketing campaigns to better identify and respond to the demands of the Arab world”.

About Pearson:

Pearson is the world’s leading education company, operating in more than 65 countries around the globe, bringing the latest in learning resources to millions of people every year. Our portfolio includes innovative traditional and electronic textbooks, ground-breakingsoftware, dynamic online testing, integrated services solutions and internationally acclaimed qualifications for the entire education spectrum. The Pearson family is made up of some of the most widely known and respected names in education, publishing and media, including Edexccel, Penguin, the Financial Times and Dorling Kindersley.


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