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Vacheron Constantin & the Mont Sérail Clock Tower: a 15-year tale of time

May 21, 2009 12:00 by

In 1897, a high tower with a large clock was built near the Grand Serail to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sultan ‘Abd al-Hamid II’s coronation to the throne. The clock tower in Beirut was built by the decree of Beirut Municipality.

The bond between Vacheron Constantin and the Mont Sérail Clock Tower in Solidere, Beirut, goes as far back as 1994 when the world’s oldest Swiss watchmaker in continuous operation branded the sides of the clock tower for the first time.

Ten years later, in 2004, Vacheron Constantin commemorated the event, celebrating the mutual history of Lebanon and the oldest watch manufacture in the world with more than 250 years of history in watch-making.

In May 2009, Vacheron Constantin further strengthens its support to culture by working in partnership with its agent in Lebanon, Cadrans, on the renovation of the Sérail Clock Tower to ensure that the four sides continue to be fit and functional.

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