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Vichy Skin Health Centre provides free diagnosis to improve skin in the Middle East region

May 12, 2009 12:00 by

Vichy, the renowned L’Oreal brand, held a Vichy Skin Health Centre in the Mall of the Emirates for free diagnosis by dermatologists, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The same event was held in Riyadh Saudi Arabia at the Al Hayat Mall.

The Vichy Skin Health Centre strives to help men and women of our region gain a better understanding of their skin and thus provide proper care. It delivers information on skin-related implications, dangers and prevention of bad treatment of skin. Further, it educates its clients on the right behavior in the sun and ailments caused by dull, dehydrated, or oily skin. The Skin Health Center is essentially divided into 3 sections: discovering skin, clinical dermatology, and pharmacist advice. These centers are run in partnership with dermatologists and pharmacists. Vichy frequently invites the public to visit the Skin Health Centers in order to receive a personalized skin analysis free of charge.

The Skin Health Centers are the fruit of a partnership between Vichy and involved health professionals. In the centers, dermatologists conduct a clinical skin diagnosis and along with the patient, develop a written recommendation on how to preserve the skin’s health. Having read the diagnosis, the pharmacists conduct the follow-up and offers personalized advice to the visitors regarding appropriate derma-cosmetic treatments. The Vichy Consult Centers could not exist without the backing of health professionals.

Leading health authorities, national dermatologist and pharmacist associations have joined the campaign since the creation of the Vichy Consult Centers, in all the countries where it was organized. This partnership has taken on a life of its own in every one of the centers where these professionals are present. Dermatologists and pharmacists are at the same time masterminds of the diagnosis and the spokespersons for the prevention message.

The Vichy Skin Health Centers were initially present only in 4 European countries. In 2006 they expanded to 26 countries. In 2007, the Skin Health Centers were deployed in 38 countries spread over 4 different continents. In the 4 years of its existence, more than 100,000 skin diagnoses have been performed.

About Vichy:

One of the 10 international L’Oreal brands, the Vichy Dermatological Hygiene Company (SHDV) was formed, creating a new concept to produce hygiene products and dermatological skin care treatments. Dr Haller, the original founder of the brand, oriented Vichy towards scientific study of the skin’s physiology. For the first time, a segmented cosmetic range was designed according to skin type: dry, normal or oily, with dual demands: performance and tolerance. With Vichy, the fundamental cosmetology started to emerge. In the 1930s, in addition to facial skin care treatments, Vichy also developed a hygiene line, lipsticks, and lip pencils. Then followed tanning oil and an anti-cellulite slimming cream, in response to the rise in interest for leisure activities. Vichy released “beauty advice guides” which were offered to customers free of charge. Previously distributed in both department stores and drug stores, Vichy went on to opt exclusively for the latter distribution channel when L’Oréal took over in August 1955.

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