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W Doha brings designers of the future to Qatar

The four 2010 W Hotels Designers of the Future Awards winners are Beta Tank, Graham Hudson, rAndom International and Zigelbaum + Coelho.


October 29, 2010 2:27 by

Exciting and experimental designs that will influence the next generation of hotels will be on display at W Doha Hotel & Residences as the category-busting brand brings the winning concepts of the 2010 W Hotels Designers of the Future Award to Qatar.

The ground-breaking Designers of the Future (DOF) event on October 27 offered a unique opportunity to meet the creative minds behind the prize-winning concepts while experiencing how the W Doha has channeled the creative process in creating a truly iconic destination.

While the Award, in partnership with Design Miami/Base, has always featured unique and groundbreaking design work, this year’s prize pushed the drive towards experimentation further than ever.

On display in W’s Living Room and Wahm Bar will be lighting installations with magnetic pixel tiles that react to touch, a DJ Booth, and objects that can change their form to be either art objects or functional items – and attract different customs levies from governments in the process.

“This display demonstrates just how far ahead of the pack W is in terms of applying an art and design philosophy to every aspect of the hotel experience,” says Safak Guvenc, General Manager of W Doha Hotel & Residences. “We’re thrilled to be hosting some of the best designs – and designers – in the world, and putting the W Doha at the center of contemporary design in the Middle East.”

The four 2010 W Hotels Designers of the Future Awards winners are Beta Tank, Graham Hudson, rAndom International and Zigelbaum + Coelho.

When W opened its first hotel in New York in 1998, it created a new era of hotel design and established itself as the clear leader in the contemporary lifestyle hotel space.

Every W Hotel demonstrates a passion for cutting-edge design, rooted in its location and interpreted in a contemporary cool way that is brought to life through unique collaborations with upcoming as well as renowned third party and in-house designers.

Each W Hotel begins with a design philosophy formed by Starwood’s in-house design team and is then fueled and delivered by a unique collaboration between the designers, architects, graphic designers, and W’s Global Fashion and Music Directors.


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