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Who becomes legal guardian of your child if you die?

Know the facts to ensure your wishes are fulfilled

September 3, 2013 1:39 by

Did you know that if your husband dies under Sharia law, the custody of your children does not automatically transfer to you? Are you certain that your child will go to your wife if you die?  Without the correct guardianship documentation, the chances are the legal guardianship of your child will automatically go to the paternal grandfather.  This important fact is something that most UAE expats do not know.

Did you also know that the carers you entrust your children with, including teachers, club leaders and nursery staff do not legally need to have any basic first aid or CPR training?  What would happen to your child if they had an accident or collapsed when you were not there?

According to the Centre of Disease and Control Prevention “Unintentional injury is the biggest cause of childhood deaths worldwide” and the American Heart Association recently said that “Effective bystander CPR provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival, but only 32 per cent of cardiac arrest victims get CPR from a bystander.”

Spencer Lodge, MD, Fund Advisers, found out first hand just how true this was when playing football here in Dubai. “One of my team mates, a young lad, suffered a cardiac arrest on the football pitch, not one person, not even the referees or event organisers, knew any basic CPR.  He was airlifted to hospital but unfortunately died before he got there. It haunts me that if one of us had have had even a basic knowledge of first aid, he may well be alive today”.

It was in no small part, a result of this tragic incident, which resulted in Fund Advisers joining forces with Safe Hands, the Dubai-based family services company, to sponsor the “Keeping Kids Safe in Dubai Initiative”.  Fund Advisers’ sponsorship of this incredibly important charity is now enabling Safe Hands to run Free Child Safeguarding Workshops to inform parents of these and many other little known facts.

These sensitively run Child Safeguarding Workshops will show parents ways to safeguard against falling foul of Dubai’s local traditions and Islamic laws by putting in place paperwork such as Guardianship Documentation.

Lodge continued, “We are seriously concerned that most expats in the UAE do not fully understand this information.  We encourage all parents to speak to either Safe Hands or us directly. The “Keeping Kids Safe in Dubai Initiative” is designed to help you to get the information you need to ensure your child is looked after by the person of your choice in the event of your death.”

Safe Hands and Fund Advisers’ Child Safeguarding Workshops will teach Dubai’s local ex-pat community of parents how intricate Sharia laws and local traditions affect their position.

Safe Hands is also offering teachers and child group leaders free first aid training to ensure your little one is indeed in “safe hands” when they are out of your care.  The Epidemiology and Prevention of Child Injuries report, commissioned by the Dept. of Community Medicine in the United Arab Emirates, had some shocking findings.

“According to the study accidental injuries are the leading cause of death among children under 14 in the UAE.”

Basic first aid training will dramatically reduce the number of accidental deaths and injuries of our children here in the UAE.

Safe Hands, led by a Paediatric nurse and run by UK-qualified professionals, focuses on offering the ex-pat family community in Dubai paediatric and adult first aid tuition, health and safety instruction, financial advice, fitness and nutrition courses and pet training. Its aim is to develop mutually beneficial, on-going and practical relationships with all ex-pat parents and child carers.

Further information about the new Free Child Safeguarding Workshops and Free First Aid Courses is available from  Alternatively if you’d like to arrange for a free first aid course and child-safeguarding workshop at your school or club please call Rebecca Smith on 055 3031728.

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