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X-cite Launches Cinema at Home concept at the Avenues Showroom

Home cinema

X-cite by Alghanim Electronics, in collaboration with Alghanim Engineering Group, launched the new instore concept of Home Cinema at X-cite’s flagship store in the Avenues.

September 12, 2012 1:16 by

X-citeby Alghanim Electronics, in collaboration with Alghanim Engineering Group, launched the new instore concept of Home Cinema atX-cite’s flagship store in the Avenues. The home cinema concept at the Avenues comprises of a highly specialized team with expertise in audio-visual and interior designing. The team is responsible for the entire process of creating the home cinema from the ground up; sound-proofing the entire room, hidden electrical wiring, locating appropriate lighting options within the room and arranging the sound system giving homeowners a thrilling at-home cinematic experience.


By combining the innovative engineering designs, specialized installation set up of home cinema,X-citehas introduced a new service giving customers a unique cinematic experience at home.Samer Sayegh, Vice President – Alghanim Electronics commented, “X-citecontinues to cater to our growing customer needs by providing them with the latest in technology. The Home Cinema concept isX-cite’s one more way in which we offer our customers an innovative service to enjoy the best of audio visual entertainment at home, similar to that of a high end cinema theatre yet modified to suit the customer’s preference down to the last detail.”


The Home Cinema concept is a step ahead in the field of home cinemas worldwide. This new service offered byX-citeis ideal for those seeking a superlative entertainment experience at their home; to watch movies or even listen to music in an elegantly designed setting.


Those seeking a glimpse of the home cinema setup with its entire components can now check it at a specially designated area in theX-citeAvenues showroom. Customers can enjoy a live demo of the Home Cinema concept and experience the latest in technology and hi end entertainment. With this new Home Cinema concept,X-citecontinues to solidify its position as the regions leading retailer bringing the best instore experience for its customers.


About X-cite by Alghanim Electronics

X-citeis the largest consumer electronics retailer in Kuwaitand the Middle East. Headquartered in Kuwait, the award winning retailer delivers a modern, dynamic and convenient shopping experience with the primary objective of delighting its customers. With touch and feel displays, cash and carry shopping, a highly trained multilingual salesstaff and the latest gadgets and gizmos, shopping at X-citeis an unforgettable experience. Operating a network of 17 stores in addition to the regions premier e-commerce electronics website, X-cite’s customers are offered an unparalleled shopping experience by providing access to amazing range of international brands under one roof. The X-citeexperience is further enhanced by providing customers with Easy Credit, 24-hour shopping in select outlets and extended warranty programs with 24-hour free delivery and installation services. X-cite’s shopping experience is also available online at  in both English and Arabic where customers can browse and shop for the latest in technology products.


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