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XpertLearning hosts ROI Workshop for IT professionals at ITA – Oman

Xpertlearning conducted a Return on Investment workshop for IT professionals from Information Technology Authority (ITA) Oman

June 24, 2013 3:31 by

Xpertlearning conducted a Return on Investment workshop for IT professionals from Information Technology Authority (ITA) On 22 and 23 May 2013. ITA Oman is bestowed with the responsibility of offering leadership to the digital Oman strategy of the government.

The workshop was jointly facilitated by Paul Michael Gledhill, Cofounder Director, Xpertlearning and Sajan Nair, Country Manager, Xpertlearning Oman. The aim of the workshop was to offer delegates the knowhow on creating a compelling business case for securing funding for IT projects.

“From the CFOs point of view, IT projects compete with other projects for the same funds” said Paul, “therefore no responsible CFO would allow an IT Project precedence over any other without a proper financial justification” he emphasized, “and it is the IT project lead that needs to build this justification”

The workshop helped delegates appreciate CFO priorities and build a business case aligned with the organizations goals with a view to enhance the possibility of receiving approval. Delegates practiced how to calculate both tangible and intangible benefits that can accrue to organizations as a result of an investment in a proposed IT project. The workshop also covered setting a team vision and mission statement in line with the organizations strategy. “One of the primary reasons for project proposals being turned down is its inability to communicate alignment – in other words, how it would add value to the organization’s strategic goals. This can happen only when there is an understanding of what the organization stands for, where it is headed and further translating this understanding to decisions at operational levels” said Sajan Nair, Country Manager Xpert learning Oman.

Muadh Khamis Al Aghbairi, marketing and events executive who attended the workshop said, “I learnt how to use ROI in my project plans in order to have my plans approved”.

This is the third year that Xpertlearning has been conducting ROI workshops in Oman. There has been an increase in interest in the workshops considering companies are focused on maximizing return on every dollar spent. Delegates mentioned in the feedbacks that the concepts of ROI, ROI Analysis were eye openers and felt they could improve the business justification they offered as a result of the workshop.

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