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L'AZURDE records a new phenomenon in creativity. Creativity, imitativeness and L'AZURDE.

April 14, 2009 12:00 by

For the second consecutive year, L’AZURDE Company for gold and jewellery is celebrating the launching of its third campaign for its 2009 creative collection.

On Wednesday April 8th, 2009 a press conference was held at Atlantis Palm Hotel Jumeira in Dubai. The event started with the speeches of Mr. Ayman Al Haffar the Executive General Manager of L’azurde, and Mr. Nicolas Abboud, Board Member, with the presence of Mr. Abdul Aziz Alothaim, the CEO of L’AZURDE, Mr. Christophe de Mahieu, Managing Director, (Co-head Gulf Growth Capital), and Mr. Azmat Taufiq (Co-head Gulf Growth Capital), in addition to representatives from MAC M&C Saatchi for media.

This event was adorned with the glittering and stunning presence of the star artist Elissa, the advertisement campaign’s figure along with a number of visual and audio media representatives and several guests invited by L’AZURDE Company and Investcorp. Distribution of the masks made in Venice followed so that the audience will have a taste of what the commercial is all about. The audience then moved to another hall that was decorated in accordance with the commercial. There, the new jewellery collection were displayed in addition to the mask worn by Elissa herself.

Then Mr. Al Haffar, began his speech by thanking the audience for their appreciated contribution to launching the new L’AZURDE jewellery collection and the new advertisement campaign. “Together we will celebrate the start of a new phase for L’AZURDE”. This was the opening phrase used by Al Haffar who pointed to the fact that L’AZURDE Company, in collaboration with Investcorp, will work on establishing L’AZURDE name as an internationally acclaimed commercial brand.

Al Haffar added by saying: “over the past years, we have built the company which is now a pioneer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the bearer of the grandest commercial brand for jewellery in the Middle East. L’AZURDE is now a household name with a renowned trademark in the region that represents quality, excellence in design and technical advancement.”

“We have striven to build L’AZURDE factories in accordance with the most advanced technologies and have constructed a huge network of liaison and distribution points in the region, which has placed us ahead of all competition, and this year’s campaign has included an array of very unique collections where the most developed techniques have been used such as Electroforming 3D and VVS and Cup Chain, which are considered among the most advanced international techniques used in the domain”. He also stressed: “We have a lot of accomplishments to be proud of and there are numerous other chances for more success in the future. Such future success will be achieved through industrious work and through the support of L’AZURDE family and partners.”

Al Haffar explained the meaning of the campaign slogan “L’AZURDE…And I” which refers to the strength of the relationship between Elissa and L’AZURDE. Al Haffar concluded by thanking L’AZURDE ambassadress Elissa and Mac M&C Saatchi for advertisements and all the staff members of L’AZURDE.

This was followed by Mr. Nicolas Abboud’s word. He thanked the honourable guests for their contribution in launching the new L’AZURDE collection. He started by stressing that L’AZURDE has for the past three decades marvellously adopted the creation of breathtaking jewellery. Its designs expressed excellence and quality, a thing which has allowed L’AZURDE to acquire high status and fame. “L’AZURDE is now displayed through its distributors in over 4200 stores and galleries both in the Middle East and North Africa. L’AZURDE has been categorised as the 4th biggest gold manufacturer in the world in addition to its being a pioneer in gold manufacturing and distribution in the region.” Abboud added that according to Forbes magazine, L’AZURDE is one of the most famous jewellery brands in the Arab world.

L’AZURDE strives to emphasise its status among the countries belonging to the Collaboration Council of the Gulf Countries and Egypt.

Abboud stressed that the Middle East and North Africa jewellery market is one of the biggest and highly developing markets in the world where the consumption percentage has reached 12% of the global percentage and development has risen to 14%. Based on these factors, Mr. Abboud talked about a long term strategy and vision that has been prepared to raise the L’AZURDE brand to an international level. This strategy is based on important foundations, among which are: following the most recent fashion trends, maintaining harmony within the collections’ designs, as well as promoting excellence, renovation and high production quality.

He added: “This vision also stresses supporting our trade mark through supplying L’AZURDE display galleries with the most brilliant designs and through our huge and concentrated advertisement campaigns that are being lead, for the third consecutive year, by our shining ambassadress, the artist Elissa.

Through her beauty and success, Elissa personifies the following L’AZURDE values:

- Excellence, beauty, glitter and modernism.

- Love, desire and satisfaction

- Passion, happiness, completeness.

- Luxury, design, creativity and quality.”

Mr. Abboud expressed his happiness and satisfaction in working with the artist Elissa on developing the most beautiful jewellery collection. Mr. Abboud then continued to mention the creative advertisement campaign launched by Mac M&C Saatchi. The advertisement depicts Elissa at a masquerade party being held in a luxurious Venetian style ambiance, which is in accordance with L’AZURDE values. Two masks made out of gold containing 15 carats of diamond were designed for Elissa to wear during the advertisement, each having the value of half a million Saudi Riyals. It is worth noting here that the masks will form the symbol of this campaign and will be stamped on all the jewellery bags and boxes and will also be distributed as gifts with the jewellery sets.

After that, the audience watched the new TV commercial which lasted for 60 seconds and was produced by Rolling Film House along with the huge production work behind-the-scenes compilation. Towards the end, everybody was invited to a grand dinner wearing their masks and appeared as if they were at a masquerade party.

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