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Zenith officially opens its first boutique in the Middle East in the presence of its new CEO & President


November 5, 2009 12:00 by

In his first visit to the Middle East as CEO & President of Zenith watches, Mr. Jean-Frederic Dufour officially inaugurated the first boutique in the Arab World under the Zenith name.

Present at the inaugural ceremony was Mr. Ramesh Prabakhar, Managing Partner of Rivoli Group, Mr. Georges Bechara, Regional Brand Director of Zenith and members of the media.


On launching the new boutique, Mr. Jean-Frederic Dufour said, “I am delighted to crown my first visit to the region as CEO & President of Zenith with an inauguration of the first Zenith boutique in the Middle East and the biggest in the world. This will surely help us overcome many challenges in Zenith’s journey in the region and give us an opportunity to show the great values that are deep-rooted in Zenith’s proud history.”


Mr. Dufour added: “Zenith has had a great influence on the luxury segment since its inception in 1865. The brand was instrumental in developing the watch industry and succeeded in achieving 170 patents and winning 1500 prizes for the precision of its watches. Zenith is part of LVMH, the leading luxury group in the world. This 1st Zenith boutique in the Middle East is a new strategic step in the development and success that the brand is implementing”.


Mr. Georges Bechara commented during the opening: “After more than 5 years of relentless efforts in the Middle East, Zenith watches have moved to number one in terms of sales and demand. Through the new boutique in Dubai Mall, we hope to continue the story of success and we promise our customers to further develop the brand’s position by maintaining our present status, improving the brand’s visibility and most importantly by providing the best service and choice to our clients in the region”.



Zenith’s new boutique, the third and biggest in the world, reveals a new exclusive concept of the Zenith boutique generation and represents the essence of the brand in its design and the use of sophisticated materials and luxurious displays. On entering the Zenith boutique, a warm and contemporary image reflects the Manufacture of Zenith in Switzerland and its characteristic male and female watch collections. The brown color identity of Zenith is resplendent everywhere with wood gracing the boutique on all sides, creating a welcoming and prestigious appearance.



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