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The world’s ‘least welcoming’ countries

Here are the findings of an extensive report by the World Economic Forum.


March 19, 2013 2:28 by

The World Economic Forum has released an extensive report titled Tourism and Travel Competitiveness Report 2013 which interestingly enough – among many other analyses – has ranked 140 countries in a list of the friendliest and unfriendliest in the world.

The ‘friendly’ aspect of it, as CNN reports, represents only one factor in the tourism report among other things like safety and security and human resources. The 14 pillars upon which the report sits are below:

1. Policy rules and regulations
2. Environmental sustainability
3. Safety and security
4. Health and hygiene
5. Prioritization of Travel & Tourism
6. Air transport infrastructure
7. Ground transport infrastructure
8. Tourism infrastructure
9. ICT infrastructure
10. Price competitiveness in the T&T industry
11. Human resources
12. Affinity for Travel & Tourism
13. Natural resources
14. Cultural resources

As far as what countries ‘feel’ like the most and least welcoming to visitors, here is the list below:

Attitude of population toward foreign visitors
(1 = very unwelcome; 7 = very welcome)


1. Iceland  6.8
2. New Zealand  6.8
3. Morocco  6.7
4. Macedonia, FYR  6.7
5. Austria  6.7
6. Senegal  6.7
7. Portugal  6.6
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina  6.6
9. Ireland  6.6
10. Burkina Faso  6.6


1. Bolivia  4.1
2. Venezuela  4.5
3. Russian Federation  5.0
4. Kuwait  5.2
5. Latvia  5.2
6. Iran  5.2
7. Pakistan  5.3
8. Slovak Republic  5.5
9. Bulgaria  5.5
10. Mongolia  5.5



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