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YouTube UAE Research Fact Sheet


For the first time, Google releases a study measuring YouTube users in the UAE.

December 6, 2012 12:33 by

YouTube UAE Research Fact Sheet



Background/ Research methodology

  • Sample size: 600
  • Target group: YouTube users in UAE, 15 years and older
  • Nationalities: Emirati, Expat Arab, Indian, Other Asian, Westerner
  • Split nearly evenly between male and female users (49%-51%)
  • Research company: TNS


1) Online video sites in the UAE

46% of the respondents in UAE use YouTube on a daily basis. Majority of the respondents (over 70%) also have a very positive opinion about it

YouTube is mostly perceived as an entertaining platform (90%, followed by being global, modern & social)

By definition, a higher proportion (35%) of the heavy users are registered on the platform

34% have an excellent opinion about YouTube

YouTube is the most considered online video site for product information with significantly higher scores than peer websites (97%)

2) Audience profiling

 Who are the YT users?

34% of the YouTube users are women and 66% are men

33 years old is the average YouTube user

Over 50% of UAE Nationals use YouTube daily

78% of expat Arabs are heavy YouTube users

74% of  Emiratis are heavy YouTube users

What do they watch?

Listening to music (71%), relaxing (68%) and being up to date (60%) are the top 3 reasons respondents in UAE use YouTube

41% to look for product information

35% to watch professional made videos

Smartphone access:

61% of YouTube users use their smartphone to access the internet, with 66% of them using their smartphone to access YouTube

3) Media consumption

YouTube ranks third to watching TV and using the internet in terms of media consumption per week.

YouTube usage intensity is more than double the intensity for print media

Overall close to 60% of the respondents claim that YT has lead to the cannibalization of other media – TV being the most affected media, followed by print media

TV and YouTube share the same time slot among the UAE respondents. Both media are watched most during the 8pm to 11pm time slot

Light TV viewers spend over 3X more time on YouTube than on TV

4) YouTube Advertisements

More than half of the YouTube users remember having seen ads

Ads on the platform have had a positive impact on the viewers. Majority of them have either clicked on the ad immediately or visited / searched for information on search engines

Almost half of the respondents found in-video ads on YouTube to be interesting, fit to YouTube, and something new that provides good information


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  1. leads dubai on January 3, 2013 10:44 am

    ineresting stat on youtube usage in UAE

    will be great if we can know what advertisers category use youtube and success rate


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