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Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri

As director of the DNRD, he just issued the new visa rules for Dubai. Who are the people he works with to ensure that they are followed?

July 28, 2008 3:48 by

Since the DNRD manages the airport entry and exit of passengers, Al Marri works closely with Sheikh Ahmed, the president of the Dubai Civil Aviation Department and chairman of Emirates.

Few months back, the two got together to honor some of the DNRD personnel responsible for seizing more than 600 counterfeit passports and uncovered impostors at the Dubai International Airport (DIA) last year. The DNRD has also installed a new system at the DIA to record and store data of people who have been deported.

Sheikh Ahmed has headed the civil aviation department since 1985 and oversees the activities of the DIA, Dubai Cargo Village, Dubai Duty Free, and Dubai Aviation Club. He has been the chairman of Emirates since its launch in the same year.


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