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The World Economic Forum

The annual get together of business and political heavyweights never fails to produce headlines. But how does it run as a business?

May 20, 2008 2:28 by


The forum was started in 1971, when a group of European business leaders met under the backing of the European Commission and European industrial associations. Klaus Schwab, a professor of business policy at the University of Geneva, chaired the gathering at Davos, Switzerland. He then founded the European Management Forum as a non-profit organization based in Geneva, which discussed how European firms could catch up with US management practices. In 1973, the annual meeting expanded its focus from management to economic and social issues, and political leaders were invited for the first time to Davos in January 1974. The European Management Forum changed its name to the World Economic Forum in 1987 and sought to provide a platform for resolving international conflicts.


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