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Are you addicted to Social Media: Test Yourself

October 16, 2012 1:27 by

Below is a series of questions that you must answer truthfully to find out if you are a hardcore addict. Remember, you can lie to your friends and family but not to yourself!

Do you use Facebook on your mobile phone?

Do you dress up in your best clothes, style your hair and head out with your friends to the bathroom to click a new profile picture?

When you hear the sound of a new Facebook notification, how fast does your body leap to grab your Smartphone?

When you’ve been to a social gathering what part of your brain is thinking about when the pictures will be uploaded to Facebook and how you will look like in them?

How many social media networks can someone find you on regularly?

How often do you check your social profiles?

How many times have you deactivated your Facebook account and reactivated it because you were anxious to know what you might have missed?