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Feature image source: Official Fetchr Instagram Account

Meet Fetchr: Dubai’s new shipping service

Say goodbye to the perpetually confused delivery man

June 24, 2015 12:26

Dining in Dubai costs more than just money

Long-term effects of ordering fast food are not promising

August 4, 2014 2:29

Emarat seeks 1.3M tonnes of gas for 2012

UAE fuel retailer Emarat wants to buy 1.2 million tonnes of gasoline in a tender for supplies for 2012, traders said on Monday.

November 21, 2011 2:33
Dubai start-up chases intention-based shipping market

Dubai start-up chases intention-based shipping market joins those who want something shipped with those prepared to deliver. Likely first mover advantage as Dubai bids to become the world’s aviation transport hub.

September 1, 2008 10:50