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Fake CEO asks office to pay AED300,000

This, sadly, is not an isolated incident.

December 15, 2015 10:16
Swearing an oath with fingers crossed behind back concept for di

In broad daylight: Conman in Dubai

One of our journalists recently received a 'great deal' on original 'Emperio' Armani suits

October 28, 2014 6:05
Egyptian firm in fake Avastin scam proves elusive

Egyptian firm in fake Avastin scam proves elusive

The trail of counterfeit copies of the multibillion-dollar cancer drug Avastin leads to an address in a crowded Cairo suburb, with no sign of the firm named by international suppliers as the source of the product.

February 22, 2012 12:53
Paper houses

Paper houses

Some jobs must be more hyped up then they should be. ‘Recommending’ businesses to do better just doesn’t sound that exciting to Kipp.

March 31, 2011 2:23
Cleaning up the region’s financial scene

Cleaning up the region’s financial scene

The economic crisis seems to have done us one good service: The region is finally putting its financial houses in order.

February 1, 2011 4:45
Has the message got through?

Has the message got through?

PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that corporate fraud investigations across the UAE have doubled in the past year. Are we finally ready to confront corruption?

December 16, 2010 4:13

Firms lose more to electronic than physical theft

Survey shows electronic fraud exceeding physical theft.

October 18, 2010 3:02

Police foil $14.4 billion fraud

Iranian fraudster wanted by Interpol; police call attempt "stupid."

June 6, 2010 3:51

DIB fraud defendants file charges against bank

Prosecutors in Dubai had charged the four with wrongly obtaining a bank loan.

June 3, 2010 9:52

Fraudulent Saudi real estate firms to be liquidated

Firms cited for fraudulent practices, investors to recover their money.

May 27, 2010 8:19