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Qatar marine crude

Qatar ups Sept Marine OSP to $74.15/bbl – report

The September price was set at a discount of 97 cents a barrel .

October 8, 2010 10:47

Qatar to maintain full Land crude supply to Asia

Term buyers have not been notified about supply allocations for Qatar Marine crude for November.

September 29, 2010 10:52

Qatar ups Aug Marine, Land crude OSPs -report

The August price was set at a discount of $1.19.

September 6, 2010 10:57

Qatar cuts July Marine OSP to $71.25/bbl, down $1.50

The July price was set at a discount of $1.24 to the average price.

August 6, 2010 9:00

Qatar to supply full Sept Marine crude to Asia

Qatar has been supplying full volumes of both Marine crude and Land crude for over a year.

August 2, 2010 9:52